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Does laser hair removal hurt?


There is a minimal discomfort associated with the procedure, but the continuous cooling system helps to reduce this. There may be a snapping sensation, but most people do not find it painful.

Is laser hair removal permanent?


Yes, hair removal is permanent for most people. You will notice some re-growth as hair grows in cycles and not all hairs will be in the active growing phase at the time of treatment. This is why most people require 4-8 treatments for the desired effect. You should notice about 30% reduction in hair following a treatment. Hair becomes finer with each treatment as well.

How many treatments will I need?


Results vary from person to person, but most people see desired results in 4-8 treatments. Results may depend on age, sex, and medical history.

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How long does my hair need to be or should I shave before coming in?


You only need to have stubble. We prefer to see your hair growth patterns, so if any shaving/trimming needs to be done, we can do it at the time of your appointment.

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How frequently should I come in for a treatment?


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My hair is blonde or grey, will laser hair removal work for me?


No, unfortunately, laser hair removal will not be effective when hair is light or has no pigment to attract the laser.  Electrolysis may be the better choice for you.